Monday, May 01, 2006

Short Update

Hello again, world of the internets. There will soon be an update regarding our adventure to Margrit hid (Marguerite Island) last night, along with some history on Margrit hid itself. There are a number of things I would like to mention first.

The Cardo encountered two slightly stunning follow-ups to our first night of Trashspotting. The first of these was yet another giant bag of discarded rolls, this one in a garbage can on his own street (about one kilometer away from the first site at Nyugati Palyaudvar). We will keep our eyes peeled open for further information. The second situation arose when he passed by the drunkard's cavern underneath the footbridge, of which we provided ample photo coverage. Apparently all of the bottles, cans, and caps had been cleaned up that very next day, leading us to believe that this ridiculous amount of liquor-byproduct accumulated in a mere day or two! Unfortunately the Cardo does not have a camera himself, and as I am rushing to finish my final papers for University I haven't gotten a chance to shoot up there and photograph the scene just yet. I will as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Finally, I am beginning to smear the internet with my final History project, which is (oh, surprises!!) a history of human garbage production. I believe that you can access it by clicking on my name here, as it is a sister blog to this one, but if not, it's located at I will be giving very short accounts of a number of articles I've read for research background, and eventually I will be posting a medium-length academic paper, partitioned off into blog entries. I'm cutting it a bit close here, as it is due to be finished in two days. In other words, a ridiculous amount of information will be published on the blog in the next two days, and I will be leaving my flat only to buy energy drinks and scream loudly at the cursed sky. If you're at all interested in how thoroughly I can make a fool of myself in the name of academia, check out that link on May 3, my friend!

After May 3, I will be using the selfsame blogsite to upload and discuss the assemblages I've been composing out of my own trash, and trash I've accumulated from dumpster diving in the city. Don't worry, TSers, I never mix the two hobbies- when I am out on a mission there is absolutely NO TOUCHING.

Thanks for reading; it continues to amaze and embarass me that anyone even does. That's right, you single reader right there-- Danke Schoen!

Teaser for next update:

Even drunkards appreciate geometry.