Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Observation Begins

This is Budapest, Hungary's first Trashspotting Club post. If you are in the area and you wish to join our humble clan, by all means you should feel free to post a comment here. We are a bit limited in our interaction with the native citypersons, as we members of the club speak a very limited amount of Magyar (coming, as we do, out of That United Country of America). We consider ourselves familiar enough with the various saleable goods in the area, and their origins, to undergo this exciting adventure.

As they stand, our members are:

Chelsea Ghost Cowboy Palmer: Boodge-Jimframe
Manoli Harold Strecker: Cardo

We hope to coax more of our acquaintances to open their loving minds to trashspotting.

First meeting will commence this evening after 19:00, details and photographs will follow.


A Number Of Important Details:

Unless the members of this Club are able to secure its future continuity with native Magyars, it will sadly be relegated to a brief two months of action. The standing Boodge and Cardo are exchange students slated to return to the New England area at the end of June. To make up for this shortcoming, we will be attempting to seriously delve into the Trash of Budapest in our short time, and truly give the city a good once-over.

Another issue that arises, I'm sure in all city trashspotting, is that of communal trash collection. The streets near our residences are entirely comprised of apartmental structures, wherein the residents bag-N-tag their trash and dump it in anonymous dumpster bins. This is not conducive to the honored pasttime we wish to pursue, and so the Budapest Trashspotting Route will take us on foot across the Danube to the outskirts of Buda, where more suburban and quaint residences lie. We will also be largely interested in trash overspill from these aforementioned dumpsters, and inappropriate trash deposits around the city.

As the matter stands, the Budapest Trashspotting Club will meet twice a week at night for snacks and Trashpotting, and once on the weekends for Potlach. Hungarian food offers many strange delicacies, mainly pastry and meat, and we will be sharing information about these as well.

Above all, we are intrigued by the Magyar people, who live incredibly different lives from those to which we are accustomed. We hope that, through the enlightenment of Trashspotting, we can reach a greater understanding and unity with those great citizens of Magyarorszag.

For more information on Hungary and Budapest visit these links:
Wikipedia Entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budapest
Office of Tourism Pictures Gallery: http://www.fsz.bme.hu/hungary/budapest/kepek/szines.htm
Uncyclopedia Entry (Surprisingly Accurate): http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Hungary

Thank you for your time, happy Trashspotting my comrades!


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